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      AvatarAdam Welch

      I have terrible posture from being a hardcore sitter for the past 12 years(online gamer, etc). I’ve been looking to find solutions for my posture problems since 2009 and have been reading around online for numerous fixes. What I’ve found is that there’s no solution — Like tight pecs, forward rolled shoulders, kyphosis/hunch back, etc, forward neck posture, etc. I have all of them, and I’m just not sure how to work on these problems

      The common thing I’ve heard, before being introduced to Kelly’s work, was the simple — Stretch the tight muscles, strengthen the opposite muscles( usually meaning strengthen the pulling muscles and strengthen the ‘push’ muscles). I would like to try that, but currently don’t have a gym aside from a 50lb Kettlebell and an open field I can run in (also have read Ready to Run, but I think there’s only a few stretches/drills and the rest is focused on soft tissue work, which I can’t currently do due to no foam roller or other hard equipment)
      I guess my posture is SO bad, I was hoping by joining Mwod I would at least be able to get some newb gains from some simple drills or stretches, but then when I was looking up the couch stretch, I found a reddit thread with people saying that static stretches like this won’t work
      Ah well, I’m just not sure of an easy solution for fixing this, if static stretching doesn’t work, and the strengthen the back muscles thing doesn’t work, what’s left? 
      Has anyone fixed some common postural problems? And like, what do physio-therapists do to treat these various ailments(forward head, kyphosis, etc)
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      AvatarAdam Welch

      (here’s the reddit thread i was talking about : http://www.reddit.com/r/AdvancedFitness/comments/2hfevz/this_couch_stretchmobility_movement_seems_too/ ) , reading that, + some other things i”ve heard, do make me think that static stretching may not give benefit(I’ve seen a vid of Mike Boyle saying something similar, I think that after 5 mins the body returns to a normal position)

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      Avatar[email protected]

      Static stretching is, in my view, a part of the overall solution — but a fairly small one. I’m like you — sat all day for about two decades, and have been “recovering” ever since. With time and patience, you can do it. 

      The folks you want to study on these issues are Katy Bowman, Jill Miller, and Jules Mitchell — the three Wisewomen.
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      AvatarAdam Welch

      haha @ the three Wisewomen, sounds promising!

      Yesterday I spent a lot of energy doing two stretches, the couch stretch and then the face the wall squat stretch — I’m going to try to do these every day, but it just sounds like most people who’ve studied this out all say that static stretching only creates a very short term solution — Which I’ve had before, since usually going for a long walk can help fix some of the upper back issues in the short term, but since it never lasts, it becomes abit of a waste of time
      Do you know any specific stretches or techniques from them that address this? Like I’m here on Mwod Pro and haven’t found anything to address this, yet most people assume that Kelly would have fixes for these problems, so could be the same with those three(not saying they dont have fixes, but I need someone to actually say , “This is how you fix this” and then give some routine or workout)
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      Avatar[email protected]

      It’s rarely as simple as “This is how you fix <x>”. You listed 4 separate problems in your initial post — do you really think one thing is going to fix them? Or even that each one of them can individually be fixed by just one thing? It doesn’t work that way.

      Your current body is the result of 12 years of bad posture. A few stretches or exercises aren’t going to magically fix things in a short timeframe. It’ll take work — lots of reading, mindfulness of your posture throughout the day, and a laundry list of exercises/stretches/rolling/etc.The positive changes will come slowly, just as as the bad ones did.
      I just gave you the three names that you need. Katy Bowman talks a lot about kyphosis (for example), Jules Mitchell will tell you about how resistance stretching is way vs. static stretching, and Jill Miller will teach you how to do deep tissue massaging on yourself to loosen things up.
      Every minute you spend posting here is a minute you could have been reading their work. 🙂
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      Have you had anyone look at your sitting position or how you perform certain movements?
      Are you looking up/downstream of where you are seeing the problems?
      The cause may not be where you see the issue.
      Have you addressed your sitting position?
      A few to start with

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