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      AvatarDylan McCaffery

      I’m trying to figure out an imbalance or tightness I have that’s affecting my left body. Whenever I do a plank, my left sartorius feels like it’s doing all the work and it can’t handle it and then starts to ache from too much work. 

      My left leg’s medial side feels completely unused like my VMO, it doesn’t want to engage. My vastus lateralis is so tight and knotted that my VMO can’t compete. Even laying on my stomache and bending my knee 90 degrees starts pulling laterally on my knee cap causing pain.

      This also feels like it’s affecting my tibial rotation and it forced me to constantly want to dorsiflex and as soon as that happens my TFL kicks into overdrive. If any of this sounds completely wrong then feel free to correct me or expand on ways to fix this as it’s become unbearably uncomfortable and it’s giving me a lot of lower back pain. 
      On a side note my glute max/psoas is dead to me on my left side.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      I’d recommend seeing a practitioner or coach.
      Sounds like there are a few things going on which you’ve taken a crack at addressing and need additional help.
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