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      AvatarGilbert Hernandez

      I’m sure this has been asked before but what are the most obvious things to do?

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      AvatarJoey Shillolo

      my work requires I spend a lot of time in boots so my feet flattened out and knees turn in. it definitely has been a moving target. I had an accident where my foot collapsed, knee locked out and my weight came down resulting in a hyper extended knee. 

      2 things main things I’ve used to rehab:
      1. practice the air squat while flaring my knees out putting my feet and knees in a safer position. Kelly talks about this in supple leopard and many mwod videos.
      2.  training barefoot VERY gradually.  this causes the tissues in the feet that have gone on vacation, due to walking/standing on flat surfaces and certain types of footwear, to start working again. and as long as you train barefoot gradually your body will respond well.
      your thoughts?
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      AvatarGilbert Hernandez

      Thanks Jake. I’m a personal trainer in the UK and I get a lot of people presenting with valgus knee, wanting to know how to put it right. Of course I follow all Kelly’s advice about how to squat and general movement practice. I’ve seen videos on YouTube where people try to correct it with twisting the femur and the like but just wondered if this works and whether I should be attempting this. Others have suggested imbalances between adductor and abductor muscles need to be resolved to cure valgus knee. Not really sure of the best way to go about improving it.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      I’d start at stage 1 with them.
      Squat therapy can be a starting place.
      Rebuild their technique if there are deviations.
      Addressing both aspects to take a more complete approach.
      Setting correct positioning before movement begins sets the person up for success..
      Creating torque through the correct joints and load ordering are key.
      Box squatting can be an option.

      Addressing the soft tissue and muscle imbalances allows the body to move properly.
      If the person does not understand the movement they will have a harder time performing it correctly.

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      AvatarGilbert Hernandez

      Thanks guys.

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