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      Hey family,

      I’ve been dabbling with the kb and db bent press. I’m pretty new to it, and was wondering if any of you have guidance on how do to things like not point your toes in weird torque-killing positions (unless that just has to happen) + the hip-kick-back thing that I wonder if Kelly approves of. 🙂

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      The bent press is more of a rotational hip hinge and while some will have the toes more straight forward some people will turn the toes of both feet slightly away from KB (around 45 degrees). You may have to play around with it but you’ll still want to have a stable arch in the foot. I’d also try breaking down the movement into the windmill and side press and practicing mastering those as you work on you KB/DB bent press. Pavel Tsatsouline and his work is a great resource for all things KB.

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