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      Hello to any reading this.  I’m relatively new to MWod, but have been attacking video’s and mobilizations like crazy.  My entire life I’ve had the least mobile ankles imaginable and hence tight calves and up the chain.  I spent 8 years stretching calves as often as possible to zero change in ROM, and MWod has doubled my ROM in 2 weeks.  

      While this is amazing, I’m wondering how often I should be attacking my ankles/calves?  
      I’m not particularly mobile so I definitely have other areas to work on.  I’ve been doing about half an hour of MWod every day. My plan was since my clear problem areas (or goats as Kelly calls them in opening videos) were my ankles and front hips, I would mobilize those daily and then proceed to do whatever Kelly’s video in the year of mobility was for me that day, until I learned how to do it all myself. I’ve worked out my whole life though and am familiar with rest days to repair muscles and tendons from lifting. It seems like ripping open my ankles and hips may be a similar process and might require rest days as well. Just like to get some opinions on this.  I badly would like to fix my ankle mobility so that I can finally squat properly without falling over backward.
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      Great to hear of the improvements with your calf rom.
      As Kelly has noted no days off with mobility. Everything doesn’t need to be addressed with every mobility session you do. You can split up the time you work on mobility to a couple times throughout the day morning and night etc.
      You could hit upper body in the am and lower body in the pm or whatever you decide needs attention that day.
      If you don’t want to hit your ankles/hips everyday them don’t do them everyday.
      For areas that have had restriction for awhile it can take more time to resolve the issue.
      Are you looking up/down stream of your ankle/hips?
      Are you seeing improvement in these areas?

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      I am looking up stream and down and am starting to see improvement everywhere.  I have seen Kelly’s no day off montra as well and I’m a subscriber! 

      Like you mentioned above I cannot yet reach full range of motion in my calves or my hips and I’m committed to reaching that by mobilizing everyday if that’s what’s best.  I just noticed that in Kelly’s year of mobility he never seemed to do the same area on back to back days so I was wondering more if I needed to give my tendons an off day to grow and repair or if mobilizing them everyday is the better route?
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      For instance my heel cords are certainly shorter than they should be and while I’ve been mobilizing them daily now I’m wondering if they need like a day in between mobilizations to grow the bit of extra length before I tear into them again or if that’s unnecessary and I can go straight at them everyday?

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      Kelly may not have hit the same area on back to back days because he presented a new concept with each episode. He wasn’t treating a problem area for a person. You may hit some places on back to back days sometimes you may not.
      If it is a problem area you may want to hit it everyday.
      You may hit something back to back days based on the elements within the workout.
      If you feel you need a day off from working on an area work on something else.

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      Thanks Kaitlin thats what I was looking for! Hopefully Ill have my calves to normal ROM in the next month or two with some daily mobilizing!

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