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      Is it recommended to hold a banded distraction for the same length of time as you would just stretching normally. So do you hold it for 2 minutes?

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      A minimum dose of 2:00 to see change is the standard.
      You may go longer.  Keep at it until you stop seeing change.

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      Yeah I’ve always heard Kelly reference research that has found it takes a minimum of 2 minutes to permanently change soft tissue.

      I’ve never heard a maximum time mentioned. I would agree with Kaitlin – if you have the time and can handle the new range, keep going until you no longer gain additional ROM.

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      to put another twist on this – i have found that ROM can be increased greatly in less than 2 min depending on the situation. certainly if you have more difficult problems, you’ll have to spend more time on it, perhaps upwards of 10 minutes as suggested by some mwod videos. spending more time on something also increases the risk of inducing real trauma into an area.  as Kstarr says, never go into the pain cave.

      but i have personally seen that there can be some issues that will clear up in less than 2 min of smashing/mob-ing. it’s always about feel, and test/retest. 
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      If I spend to long doing a banded distration on my hips performing external rotation, it starts to be slightly painful and discomforting. Then when I am done, I start limping temporary on the side I performed the banded distraction. I then usually just walk it off. Is this bad? Should we experience pain/discomfort (almost like a pin/stretchy type of pain in the capsule)? Is limping temporary bad do to an intense stretch?

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      Mobility work should not cause limping temporary or not.
      If it feels sketchy it is sketchy and you shouldn’t continue doing it.
      If you know you are doing something for too long then why are you holding it so long?
      Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.
      Breaking the time spent into shorter time with more exposures is a way to start.
      For example 4x:30 with :15 break between moving to 3X:45, 2X 1:00 etc.
      As time passes you may not be maintaining a good position which may be why you see other things showing up when doing a mob for 1 longer exposure.

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      In this video — they come out feeling “drunk”  — I feel this way in most banded distractions

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