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      My right shoulder likes to half-pop-out sometimes. It used to happen occasionally during kipping pullups when I used to do crossfit. Three years ago or so I jammed my right shoulder in a trampoline accident that seemed to make the shoulder a little more sensitive. I notice if I have a bar on my shoulders for squats and it’s not positioned the right way or I let my back get lax, my shoulder wants to push out a little bit. It never fully dislocates but the popping out and in is uncomfortable and hinders me as an athlete. It’s not great for surfing which is a big concern for me so I’d like to do what I can to prevent this from happening again by doing some developmental or mobility work with my shoulder. Any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome! Thanks!

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      A situation to see a practitioner.
      They can watch you move and see exactly what is going on.
      Make a plan from there.

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