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      Does anybody know where the “Snapping Hip Syndrome” comes from? How to solve it…

      For the ones how don’t know it:
      If I lie on my back flat, pull in my knees towards my belly and then slowly extent ,my legs again while floating over the ground.
      I have a pop or a click somewhere in my hip. I also have it when I do Ab crunches…. 
      I also looked through all m-Wod videos and could not find anything. Almost every second or third person I know  has that issue. Maybe cross-fitter are immune 🙂
      Anybody experienced it?
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      Yeah I get that too but more of a Clunk or a thump sound.  I can’t really find it though because I can’t feel it.  I get it more so when I pigeon pose my leg while on my back.  

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      It can happen from
      repetitive and physically demanding movements. In athletes such as
      ballet dancers, gymnasts.

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