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      I had Shoulder surgery in April for 2 tears in Labrum. Bankhart ( sp?) Done on that. Also Clean Up of Slap Tear. About 3 to 4 weeks began telling Dr still having a lot of pain. He said give time. Pain in back of Shoulder, Bicep, Down arm ect. Direct pressure on back shoulder blade not good. 6 weeks, Pt begins. Very limited. So I tried this. ROM STARTED to come BACK. But increasingly brought on more pain with more problems. Not tolerating. Truth but not doing well. Call Dr he gives Tens. Only aggravated. Begin to start noticing hand positions problem. Sleeping none,, maybe 2 hours nightly. See Dr tell him all this. He says I’m over sensitive, worry to much. I leave and don’t go BACK. See another Dr . EEg done Normal. Did 2 cortisone shot iin 1 week nothing. Meanwhile MRI Arthro. Done. Show Glenodhumerous Disruption along with Slap Tear. I also from First MRI had Hill Sachs.. This Dr says he doesn’t repair Slaps. Awesome. I’m at a lose. I cant raise my arm, sleep, but pressure on it. It feels like it slips to the side when I sleep. If someone even brushes up against wrong it moves and pain is intense. Help me please. I have photos of my shoulder the two when my arms are raised even are not the same. The injured one is Much higher. Collar Bone on good on is visible the bad on is not. PLEASE HELP, ANY ADVICE.

      Amy K
      From Pa.

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