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      AvatarMargaret Boylan


      I’m a runner and on late February I was diagnosed with a insertional tendinopathy of the right hip, as result of overpronation – I always thought I was neutral but I did a run and gait analysis and seems I overpronate (more on right – less on left) and I also mostly land on heels. 
      To address the problem, I started by having a set of physiotherapy sessions the helped a lot. I’m also now using support insoles and changed my running style (improved cadence and focused on mid-sole landing). As part of my running workouts, I’m performing several mobility and stretching exercises after each run and I am wondering if there are some routines that would help me better than others. I’ve seen on the videos section that there are about 35 of them just for the hips.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      Good to hear your physiotherapy sessions helped alot and you made some needed changes to footwear and running technique. Adding running drills as part of your warm up is a great add. Reinforcing technique as you are developing new running habits for your changes in technique is key.
      There are multiple running specific episodes, & daily m|wod if you search through them.
      The cause may be more motor control that leads to over stressing of the gluteal tendons, causing
      pain and hip-pelvis instability. That instability may be causing you to overpronate. You may need a longer warm up as this is normalizing.
      Be patient as you are developing your running technique and getting use to the support insoles.
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