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      AvatarTradd Horne

      If I do pigeon pose, I have typical stretching along the glute lower back and what have you, but not the hip in general terms.  If though I sit cross legged, feel strain across the crease of the hip just – almost seems its the sartorius.  If I grind the ball near the top of the femur, I can find a spot where I feel like I am peeling muscle away from bone at a sore spot – but that couldn’t be the sartorius as it doesn’t attach there.  Im just going to keep grinding on it – but wondered if anyone had any insights.  I would love to just be able to sit cross legged comfortably.

      Thanks all.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Where you feel the strain when sitting cross legged maybe the sartorius area, however, there are a couple layers of muscle there. The satorius is the top layer. It crosses over the  psoas and illiacus which are 1 layer deeper.
      Have you checked out any psoas episodes and/or daily mIwod?
      There are more effective ways to address the deeper layers.

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