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      AvatarClayton Johnson

      I wondered if someone might be able to direct me to maybe some past posts or certain videos for a particular hip issue.  when laying flat on my back i have some pain in my right hip which is also apparent when i lay on that side.  a while ago i thought it was a psoaz issue, but it didn’t seem to help.  it went away for a while while i was active in crossfit.  but i had to take some time off for work and babies, and now the pain has come back. i’m working out again, but the pain hasn’t gone away.  

      Has anyone experienced this before?  
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have not experienced that before.
      Do you only have the pain when laying down?
      What are you laying on? Floor, couch?
      Does the pain go away when you get up from the position?
      Determining the cause of the pain is key. Once the cause is addressed it should go away. Could be a combination of a couple things.
      May be time for a new mattress.
      Stiff lower back?
      Tight muscles around the hip and lower back can cause excess strain on the hip when laying down.
      Have you searched the hip episodes and/or Daily MIWod?

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