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      AvatarBacary Mendes

        Hi everyone !

        Today I wanted to start one of the Freeletics workouts and I discovered something weird when doing one of the movements called the climbers.
        ( but when I got from the flexion to extension of my right hip, I feel and hear a big POP. I have no idea where this comes from. It doesn’t hurt but it’s uncomfortable and a little gross.
        Do you guys have any tips on what could be the cause and how I can fix this ?
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        AvatarPatrick Thomas

          I’d recommend seeing a practitioner.
          It is something outside of your knowledge base.
          Have you completed any exercises to improve strength in the areas around your hips and improve glute strength?

          Do you have restrictions with hip range of motion?

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          AvatarBacary Mendes

            I do have pretty bad ROM on hip extension.

            After reading up on the subject (if it can help someone else) this might very well be a case of “Snapping Hip Syndrome”. This seems to be pretty frequent and the causes are not very clear. It’s even more common among gymnasts and dancers apparently (which I’m not…) Soft tissue work and strengthening of the glutes and surrounding muscles seems to help but I have yet to find anyone who could fix it completely.
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            AvatarPatrick Thomas

              Improve range of motion is one impacting factor.
              Good to hear with more research you were able to identify the situation more clearly.
              You can do a search on the Mobility Wod List, ask family, friends, gym community if they can recommend a practitioner. Consistent work is key when changing movement patterns.
              Look forward to hearing how things are progressing.

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