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      AvatarRichard Lais

      Excuse the NON-Medical Terminology… When I get into a deep squat I feel pulling from my upper quads to my hips. I can even, while in a squat, feel deep with my fingers the tendon like tight “things” (that’s what I am gong to call them). I am assuming these are hip flexors but I’m not a 100% on that. I am constantly doing hip flexor stretch/mashing but no relief. Its not really painful BUT I feel like it is hindering my lifts.  I am really flexible and it is really hard for me to get in a good stretch on my own. Are these Hip Flexors? How can I get those to loosen up!?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I’m guess it’s the muscle on the top of your quad that needs some work, or rectus femoris.

      Try smashing with a supernova or roller, but laying down on top of it and moving the leg back and forth across the ball or roller. work up and down from knee to hip.  then test your squat again. does it feel looser?
      I would also try voodoo banding around the upper leg.  start at the knee. voodoo band from top of knee to as far as one roll gets you, overlapping half the band and pulling it tight about 50% as you go around.  then do squats for 2 min. test. is it looser?
      then voodoo band the next level up the quad, same wrapping.  do squats for 2 min. test again. better?
      repeat until you get up to the top of the upper leg at hip.  test again. better?
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      Avatar[email protected]

      David, when doing the voodooband-squatting, do you recommend to voodoo-band both legs (if you have two voodoobands) at the same time or should the focus be on one at a time? 

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i think it can be either. but i’m almost always pressed for time so i just wrap both legs and do both at the same time. it’s faster.

      OTOH if i can definitely feel issues on one side and not the other, then i’ll only do one side with one voodoo band, working up the leg.  
      i personally would not recommend wrapping the entire leg either with one super long band or multiple ones. i tried that once and almost got a wicked cramp from the whole leg being wrapped up like that!
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