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      Marisa LicataMarisa Licata

      Supple Devotees!


      I can’t
      quite find another tag that looks the same, so I’ll add another to the
      hip/groin pain area.

      I’ve had
      an issue in my right hip/groin area for a good 4 months or so now. The first
      time I remember it happening was after doing some banded distractions of my hip
      (hip capsule mob and hip flexion with external rotation- can’t remember which
      one, but I’ve since had the same pain after both)- after completing 2 minutes
      oscillating around I let go of the band and almost immediately experienced a rush
      of strong numbing pain (not sharp pain, but more nerve-type pain). I hobbled
      around for a minute or so before it ‘came good’.

      At this
      time I was also squatting ‘heavy’ (for me, at least!) twice a week and
      mobilising religiously each day (ball work, banded mob’s, pre-squat hip openers
      etc). During squats it felt fine. Trying pistol swings (see Freestyle by Mr.
      Paoli for that cool intermediate exercise) I was noticibly weaker on my right
      side, and felt quite a bit of muscle straining in my adductors during and after
      these sessions. I am also a surfer and eventually begun feeling twinges of pain
      (not excruciating, but annoying) when I was popping to my feet and while riding
      along the wave/during manoeuvres (hip in extension and also rotating here and
      there). I’ve followed some of Roop’s hip workshop videos (ball smash around the
      hip, ballerina banded mob), followed the prescriptions in Becoming a Supple
      Leopard (2nd ed.) for anterior hip pain, posterior hip pain AND hip impingment.
      The only banded mob’s that don’t seem to aggravate the strong numb ache/pain
      are the hip distractions prescribed for hip impingment (distracting the hip
      ‘out of the socket’ so to speak, allowing it room to ‘breathe’) , the posterior
      chain floss, and over the past few days, the couch stretch/banded-couch stretch
      have gone ok without the nasty pain. I also couch-stretch most days to feed
      some slack into the area. Mobilising definitely eleviates the symptoms for a
      day or so, before muscle tightness brings the stiffness back. To be clear,
      mostly there is no pain, only slightly noticible stiffness (compared to left
      side) and some niggling soft aches. The pain comes during fast-twitch movements
      such as changes of direction while running and as I said, when I surf (massive
      SAD FACE here!). I have only been doing body weight exercise the past couple of
      months (rings, single leg stuff such as skater-squats, bulgarian squats etc,
      gymnastics stuff, L-sits and the like) as mostly that doesn’t cause me any
      grief, but I know there is something going on! Also, as I said, some of the
      banded distractions are downright painful (always after, never during, it
      seems) such as the hip flexion with external rotation (external rotation ones
      seem to not go so well, even without a band), and the hip capsule mobilisation
      (was hobbling around after that one tonight!).


      I’m going
      to book an MRI as I’m worried I’m doing damage and want to figure it out!

      I can still squat with feet
      straight (while brushing my teeth!) and generally have good overall mobility.
      There has been no ‘incident’ that I can attribute this too- I’ve never played
      contact sport, don’t run long distance, no car accidents etc. I wear minimalist
      shoes mostly and am pretty fastidious about straight feet, neutral spine etc…


      Any ideas, or people with the
      same issues?? Cheers, Zane the Supple Donkey

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      Marisa LicataMarisa Licata
      MRI shows mild labral tear and a cyst or 2- that probably explains it! Not sure if others with this problem still use banded distractions on the hip, or avoid these due to pain/discomfort.
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