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      I’m certain this has been addressed before, and have applied some various techniques to try and work it out, but to no avail, so I figured I’d post here.

      Without being an expert in the subject, I’ll try and describe my pain: my left hip (it feels capsular) hurts—a stinging tightness, like a pinch—during flexion, ie. the squat. I can usually work through this when back squatting heavy, but 10 minute squats have become impossible, and it’s starting to interfere with every day life (even sitting cross-legged hurts.) I’m tempted to say this happens during external rotation + flexion, but it sometimes occurs when internally rotating too.
      Kelly addresses a “hip clonk” in one video, but it cuts out early and no solution is really addressed. I’ll flex, externally rotate, then lower, and there’s a “clonk” in the hip. Hanging out in the flexion causes the pinching pain.
      Again, it feels like a joint issues. I *do* have a desk job, I squat and deadlift frequently and well. Any other information I can provide, sure. But this pain is starting to get annoying. Help?
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