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      Hello everyone,

      I’ll be as brief as possible. I have AWFUL internal rotation of my leg when my hips are in a flexed position and I believe that it is one of the primary issues affecting my ability to reach parallel or below in the back squat. I have been looking at videos to stretch and mobilize, but my lack of mobility is preventing me from even getting into stretch positions to work on this problem.

      So, lying down on my back with my right leg in flexion, I can at best achieve 5 degrees of internal rotation and the other leg is slightly better at about 10 degrees of internal rotation. Also, if I put my legs, with knees flexed, against a wall and try to internally rotate, it is like a brick wall and I am not able to internally rotate at all.

      It is extremely frustrating and any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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      AvatarLisa Mion
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