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      This has been an ongoing problem for me and have NOT been able to make any change. Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? I’ve searched and searched amongst Kelly’s work and have done just about all the hip mobs and still no dice. What gives? Is it structural? Thanks for your help everyone 🙂

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      How often during the day do you work on mobility?
      This doesn’t sound like a new situation so it may take some time to start to see change.
      Maybe you were working with too many things at a time?
      Have you looked up/down stream of the hip?
      Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.

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      Kaitlin, thank you for your reply. I work on my mobility a minimum of 30 minutes a day, sometimes longer, and usually twice in the day ( always in the morning and occasionally a second time in the evening).

      I am looking at multiple facets and have been working on ankle mobility as well as my thoracic extension. I am hoping these two areas improving will help. 
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      Having more than one session a day is key as you need the stimulus of the changes more often when it is new and a situation that has been there for some time. The reminders to your muscles is good.
      You need to limit what you are doing each session to a max of 3 mobs. You want to spend quality time working on each item.
      Are you seeing improvements with your ankle & T spine?

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      I am seeing small improvements. I’m starting to look at sliding surfaces of ankle as banded distraction stretches weighting the ankle into dorsiflexion have not produced much effect, although the sliding surfaces aren’t either (I’m doing distal calf on barbell smash with tack and stretch). My goal is to ATG squat with barefeet together, and right now I can with about 10 inches of separation between the heels but I am hunched forward quite a bit. 

      T-spine is going well. 
      Thank you again for your feedback and suggestions – I really appreciate it. 
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      Small improvements are improvements.
      If this is something that has been this way for some time it is going to take time to start to see changes.
      Like breaking any habit it will take time and concentration.If you aren’t see change with a particular wod move onto another. Don’t waist your time on something that is not making change.
      Do you have restriction with your sliding surfaces?
      Heel cord restrictions?

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      I don’t believe I have sliding surface issues but not sure how to determine heel cord restriction. 

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      If you don’t have an issue with sliding surfaces don’t waste your time on something that doesn’t need work.
      Do you have full dorsiflexion & plantar flexion at the ankle?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      heel cords:

      sliding surfaces:

      i’ve noticed it takes a bit of practice and sensitivity to really determine if you have a problem with sliding surfaces. gotta get that skin and fascia moving! 
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