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      Hey Everyone,

      I have never written on one of these before, but I’ve had this issue for over a year & a half now and I’ve hit my limit with it… Hoping any of you may be able to help! I might be bad at explaining too, I hope I can make sense to you!
      I have pain and inflammation from my right groin streaming down my inner thigh to my knee, with tight knotted up right leg hip flexor that all of the sudden transitions from the inner part of my leg to the outside of my anterior calf on that same right leg.
      The pain isn’t really the big issue though…. the issue is that everything is so tight whenever i run I can’t keep my leg and foot straight to save my life, my leg turns out & my foot wants to turn out and roll really bad. When I deadlift or squat I can feel all that tension in my anterior calf and my foot tries to roll to the outside and turn out, it takes so much energy to distribute the weight evenly on my right foot instead of it all rolling to the outside. I hope that makes sense.
      I foam roll and try to use a golf ball & across ball to roll everything pretty regularly.. It’s just none of it ever loosens up.
      Anyone know how to help??? Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!

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