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      AvatarRoxanne Turner

      I’m after some advice if anyone can help. Everytime I do any running / legs day my glues / IT band / top of quads
      and then my right side of my back really tightens up . I’m not sure what the main trigger is but any advice would be great , thanks Chad

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky


      There are a lot of things that could be going on. Can you squat all the way down with your feet together? Can you drop into a lunge with the back foot pointing straight ahead and your knee behind your hip and go straight down and touch your knee to the floor without your foot spinning to the side or you bending forward. If it happens when running you are likely missing a key range in dorsiflexion of the ankle or extension of the hip. Look through the MWOD site and work on the joint and soft tissue videos that address these things plus anything that addresses the quads, IT band (which likely is a problem at the TFL, the IT band just is a symptom of a problem on the top end) and add into your training things that challenge the pistol shape and the lunge shape with control and load, think split squats, bulgarian split squats, high step ups and controlled step downs, assisted pistols, etc…
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      I’m currently working with a chiropractor for my sacroiliac fault.  Generally my left SI locks up, and if I workout with it locked, afterward I have tightness in my upper right quad, all around my right hip, and some right lower back pain as well.  Something to consider; good luck.


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