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      I currently have pain in my right hip flexor. It started when I did a WOD approx 2 years ago. It consisted of power snatches, overhead squats and running. After that it hurt and even to sit it was extremely uncomfortable. Eventually that went away and now it’s affecting my squats. Could I have sprained it? And how could I remedy this?

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      Have you seen anyone to know what is going on?
      Hip flexor wods:
      Episode 142: Tight IT Band and Hip Flexor Fix: Runners?
      Episdoe 23: Runner’s Legs
      Episode 04: Silent P in Filet, Very Paleo

      Are you addressing the pain currently?
      Have you had an improvements in the situation from when it originally occurred?
      Have you look up/down stream of where you are seeing the issue for impacting factors?

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