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      AvatarDeidra Zimmer

      Hi guys,

      here’s the thing:
      I’m missing a good part of hip flexion, especially on the left hip.
      I’ve looked into the case studies, the pro episode on lumbar flexion, the pistol archetypes and the daily rx on rowing with roop.
      To all of them there’s more or less the banded hip capsule mob as solution. I’ve been spending maybe like 2 weeks now on this and there is no change.What i’ve tried is: hip capsule, capsule with external bias, capsule distracted posteriorly and lateraly. The way I can test is I go down into a squat on my toes(yes ankles missing rom too, but they keep improving) and on my left side the low back rounds more.
      But from my understanding it has to be the capsule. Is this me performing the mob very poorly? When I do the capsule with externel bias I can really feel the restriction, but when focusing on poor flexion and leg in neutral I feel no resistance.
      Hopefully someone can help
      Thanks in advance
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      If you are consistently doing work an not seeing improvements you need to take another look at it.
      Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.

      Missing ankle rom can be an impacting factor.
      You may not be addressing the cause of the issue.

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