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      After watching pro episode 38, I believe I have exactly this problem. My right femur is twisting inwards, my foot is compensating by turning out and I have the same issue that someone described in the comments, 

      “When I squeeze my butt while feet pointing forward my femur external rotates and my feet get more stable, but after doing that for a while there is a weird feeling/slight pain on the inside of my knees (MCL, Meniscus).”

      when I try to correct it. My left side however is fine in terms of mobility, however my left glute is weaker than my right. When I do a pistol on my right side with a straight foot it feels slightly like my femur is trying to push forward through the inside of my knee (no pain, just pressure). Another issue is I feel pain around my right S.I. joint and believe it is due to a combo of gluteal amnesia and tight hips.
      My question is how do I program to fix all of this? My main goal is to squat and deadlift without feelin like my hips/feet are unbalanced. I was thinking after watching the video to:
      1. Warm up the hips by doing some light cardio
      2. Mobilize the hip via some smashing and couch stretch and do a banded posterior heel cord mobilization (which I never really feel works)
      3. Do corrective exercises like goblet squats, banded good mornings etc.
      4. Do 2-3 above within 30 minutes every single day and eventually change areas to mob as they feel better and keep winding down until everything that might be causing it is supple and I hopefully move better again. Also maybe some glute activation drills?
      What do you think? 
      Also how should I squat and deadlift in the meantime? I can front squat mostly fine (feet perfectly straight, good depth) but back squats (I have long femurs and so squat pretty wide to mitigate the effects of “butt-wink”) feel weird due to imbalanced hips and my right foot always wants to be a little more forward and turned out than my left. Also all of the problems I’ve mentioned really manifest whenever I try to sumo deadlift (cannot do conventional due to long femurs) since I am so spread apart and feel less stable, which makes me really feel the imbalance in my hips and when I pull my right glute contracts way more than the other and my femur feels like it is going to pop forward through the inside of my knee even more.
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