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      AvatarMatthew Wong


      I have limited hip mobility particularly for external rotation. I have being doing test retest on banded hip dislocation work (feels better but hasn’t made any significant improvements, feeling around in bottom squat position, hip flexor and pigeon pose stretching, lacrosse ball smash on psoas, glute max and med and hip flexor. Only the hip flexor smash seems to get me some noticeable extra ROM but its not significant.

      I do feel better after doing these things but as soon as I start exercising again (for example a light jog), I feel like the hip starts flaring up , clicking and feeling impinged. I have been very consciously working on positioning in and outside of the gym (creating an arch, knees out, feet straight, bracing of the spine, tracking of the knee etc..)

      Would you be able to offer any advice or direct me to the appropriate resources?


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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey Matt!

      Sounds like you’ve been doing good work taking a crack at it yourself. Keep up the routine, especially things like the hip flexor smash that are making notable improvement. In terms of exercsings, are there are any movements that are less painful or aggravating to the hip? Try playing with variables such as tempo, range of motion, or load. For example, try box squats to a height that is pain free for the hip, tempo lunges with a 3 second lowering and 3 seconds up, or try cycling instead of jogging if these help avoid flaring up the hip. Sometimes we just need to let things calm down a bit and let the area desensitize. Build capacity with exercises that don’t increase symptoms and as the hip begins improving slowly reintroduce exercises such as jogging.

      TRS Staff

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