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      If I do the ER/IR test where I lie down and have someone lift my leg and internally rotate and externally rotate my foot (until it stops), I’ve found that on my right side ER is “ok” (still not brilliant) but with reeeeally bad IR. On my left side, IR is pretty good, but ER is awful.

      I’ve also found recently that my left hip starts hurting on the outside when I walk for longer than 20-30 minutes. I guess it’s my TFL because if I mash it with a lacrosse ball when I get home, it feels damn amazing.

      Is this just a case of strengthening the correct muscles on each side to even it all out? Or would there be more to it than this?

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      The differences in sides is a compensation for what is missing on the other side.
      Right ER ok IR bad it would follow that the opposite is true on the other side left IR pretty good ER awful.
      This is how your body finds slack within the system and compensates to complete what you are asking it to do.

      What you experience at the hip is a compensation for what is lacking. Your body makes compensations that you may or may not be aware of to find slack or stability within the system to perform what is needed.

      This is a case of correcting the ER/IR on each side.
      Identifying the cause and correcting it is when the situation will go away. When going after symptoms other symptoms will appear. Going after the cause will rectify the situation from occurring

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