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      AvatarJon Kaye


      I have been having issues with my left hips and lower back for some time now. Every morning when I wake up my lower back is lit up and really tight. I started the mobility work again, getting the hips along with the high hamstring area.

      Few things I have noted is that when I use a lacrosse ball or a kettle bell handle(sitting on that) near the high hamstring area, I am not sure if that is one of my hamstrings or a nerve or a tendon but its really tight and no matter how much I roll on that it’s always tight. Every time I roll over that and go on either side it almost feels like a light shock. I am not sure if there are any nerves there or it’s just a really tight hamstring.

      Thoughts anyone?


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      AvatarNathanael Alexander


      “Every morning when I wake up my lower back is lit up and really tight.”

      I think you should take a closer look at your sleep if thats the case. Like after sleeping you should wake up feeling like a million dollar not with pains and aches. If thats not the case, something is wrong. Do you sleep in a good position?





      Next if your answer is yes I would check the bed and the pillow(s) that you are using.

      Furthermore it is very important to do these to help down regulating your nervous system:

      1. Sleep in “cold” temperature. Or at least your room should be a few celsius colder at night than it is daytime. I know lots of people who likes to sleep in hot environment and their sleep sucks. I’m not sure about exact temperature I have my own routine for that and its dependent on the person. I knew a crazy old Finnish lady who was sleeping in a -20celsius winter with her window open in the bedroom lol.

      2. Sleep in total dark. For a rule of thumb if you extend your arm in front of your face you should not see your hand. Get good blackout curtains. If you cant or you sleep a lot in shitty hotel rooms that doesnt have good blackout curtains (99.99% of the hotels?) you should invest 25 bucks into a Sleepmaster sleeping mask. Its very comfortable unlike most of the shitty sleeping masks. Kelly is a big fan of it if I remember correctly.

      3. Electronics off in the room during sleep. Cellphone must be in airplane mode. No small leds flashing. Wifi in the house should be off too.

      4. Lay on a ball and do some mobilizing. Obvious reasons. Make it a routine and whatever happens during day(you are busy etc) you will put the work in the soft tissue work.

      5. Dont drink or use drugs before sleep. No caffeine at least 8 hours before sleeping. The safer bet is 10. Drinking before bad distrupts sleep. You may fall asleep easier but the quality of sleep will be a lot worse.

      6. No screen at least 1.5 hours before bed. Reading fiction books instead.

      7. TOTAL SILENCE. If the environment is not sufficient get yourself a good earplug. Be prepared that it will take some time to learn how to put it in properly. And to sleep without ripping it out. 😀

      8. Magnesium before sleep. Helps relaxing muscles and good for the nervous system. I take citrate its pretty cheap and easily available in a small country like mine. There are other forms of magnesium too that are may or may . Do your research on it or just buy citrate.

      9. No hard excercise few hours prior bed.

      Those are the steps I take I guess there are lots of other stuff you can do to improve sleep.

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