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      AvatarJeremy Johnson

      Any suggestions on how to resolve high hamstring tendinopathy? I’ve been dealing with this issue for almost two years now. Basically I feel a sharp pain in my high hamstring / glute anytime I try to squat or deadlift. The pain gets worse with greater hip flexion (i.e. deep squat), heavier weight, and faster movement (so deadlifts in second half of 18.4 were pretty rough for me!). Once it is irritated from a heavy lifting session, even an air squat is painful for up to a week afterward.

      I’ve been to a number of doctors and have been through multiple rounds of PT working on glute / hamstring strengthening, but nothing seems to relieve the problem. Are there specific exercises or stretches I should try to fix the issue? 
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you seen changes withing to 2 years with this issue?
      Do you sit alot throughout the day?
      Are you working up/down stream of the hamstring?

      From an episode write up:
      Sitting puts insertions of your hamstrings and adductors under serious passive stretch. Multiply this passive crappy loading by literally thousands of hours,
      and make it gnarlier by the fact that you literally compress the crap
      out of these bits and suddenly, poof, the devil lives in your sits

      A few to check out.
      You can start a 10 day free trial if you are not already a subscriber.
      Pro Episode # 36 – Voodoo Floss Series # 3: The High Hamstring
      High Hamstring Gnar, Trigger Points, and Up Stream/Down Stream
      Episode 58: Weird Hamstring Problems and Simple Neurodynamics
      Episode 104: Hammer Your High Hammy
      Episode 105: Deadlift Prep
      Episode 106: Deadlift Part 1

      If you are working on glute/hamstring strengthening and not seeing change this is not where the issue originates.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky
      Be sure to also look at how you are doing the lifts. You may be over extended and it is pulling your hamstring at a less than desirable angle. Check the BFR lower leg videos on the site as well, they will likely be helpful. Some heavy eccentric single leg hamstring curls may be in order as well, lift with both legs and lower slowly with the sore one to put some load directly into the hamstrings under tension. It is about the only real way to start the tissue remodeling process in a tendon that has been an issue for this long.
      MWOD Staff
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      Tyler BakerTyler Baker


      Just join as a subscriber. Similar issue. I also had a hamstring tear last May in a sprint on my daughters sport day. Already had a disfunction creeping up before that tear. Did months of physio, didn’t make it better. Went back to introducinglunges, RDL, single leg RDL, deadlifts and squats which actually made it better, but recently it’s flaring up again.

      Things that seem to make it feel better :
      quad stretching (feel stretch all the way to my hip) and rolling.
      Lacrosse ball in area and glutes.

      Lunges and single leg RDL workouts feel better next day I think than deadlifts and squats, but I can’t go heavy on those as much as deadlifts and squats.

      I suspect I have hip mobility issues. Can’t really get below parallel in squat without feeling stretch in the region.
      Deadlift is probably easier on it, but still.

      Lots of sitting during day and evening. Have recently gotten a standing desk so trying to get 4 hours of day standing.

      I’m gonna check out these videos.

      What is this BFR you are refering to?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Welcome Max
      BFR= Blood Flow Restriction

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      AvatarSebastien Bouchard

      I had a similar issue after a year of heavy cycling. High rep hamstring and Cossack squats make it feel better. Pairing that work with smashing adductor magnus and quad and rear femur traction has nearly made the irritation go away.

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