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      AvatarMikeTestDelete234324kjl GelbDelete

        Hi MWOD,

        Got a question, when I squat I get a butt wink in the bottom of the hole. Everything feels great in my squat except I have a huge amount of tightness in my high groin close to my pelvis. I lack internal rotation and I have been working on that a lot but I feel it mainly in my lateral hip and anterior hip. I feel that I have plenty of external rotation and hip Flexion. I do lack extension in my hamstrings but I don’t really feel like they are limiting my squat. I feel like it’s my adductors/groin. I have smashed it with the Kettlebell handle and it seems to help but only for a short time and I struggle to find a stretch that gets to the area. Just wondering if their is anything you can tell me to help me out. Thanks

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        AvatarPatrick Thomas

          Working up/downstream of where you see the issue.
          Have you used a voodoo band?
          If you lack extension in your hamstrings that needs attention.
          Sounds like you need to take another look at how you are addressing the lack of internal rotation if you aren’t seeing improvements with what you are doing.
          One to watch.
          Pro Episode # 27 – Butt Winking Is NOT ok. Ever. (So don’t you even think it.)If
          Have you had a coach watch your movement pattern when performing a squat and/or video the movement pattern so you can see exactly what is going on?

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          AvatarMikeTestDelete234324kjl GelbDelete

            Hi Kaitlin,
            Thank you for your response, unfortunately I do not have a coach that is able to watch me because I workout alone at home. I have used the voodoo band on my groin and high hamstring before and it seems to make it looser but yet I still can only drive my knees out so far. It’s like they just come to a stop all at once and this is when I feel all the tension in my groin. I do my very best not to over extend at the start of my squat by setting my hips, abs, and screwing my feet into the ground. I do banded hamstring flossing almost on a daily basis to try to warm them up and loosen any tension. If you have any other suggestions I would love the help, and could even send a video of myself squatting if you would prefer that.

            Thank you for your time and advice.

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            AvatarPatrick Thomas

              Have you addressed the abductor(outside) and adductors(inside)o?
              Your hip could be in the front of the socket and you hit bone on bone earlier within the range of motion.
               Have you checked these episodes:
              Episode 87: Hip Impingement 2: Band Variation

              May want to look into doing a lesson with a coach in your area.
              They can watch you move, see what is occurring, and p`ut together a plan to address it.
              You may have a deviation in technique which is impacting load order.
              Another set of eyes on your movements patterns is helpful.
              How do you know your knees need to go out further?

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              AvatarMikeTestDelete234324kjl GelbDelete

                I assumed you wanted them out as far as possible for the best position. And I smash my glutes often and do my best on the adductors. I can do the banded stretch and really don’t get anything crazy feeling from it. I can tell my left hip is better then my right but I just feel like it’s medial hamstring and adductor that is causing my problem. That’s where i feel insane amounts of tension as I get into my squat and the lower I get the worst it gets

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                AvatarPatrick Thomas

                  Not necessarily. Could be a motor control is lacking.
                  How are your knee tracking within the movement?
                  If you are addressing the medial hamstring and adductor without seeing improvements this is not where the problem originates. The symptom remains because the cause is still there.

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                  AvatarMikeTestDelete234324kjl GelbDelete


                    I smashed my high hamstring/adductor origin site in my glute area and noticed a difference after that was completed. Im going to work down stream to the knee next, because i have tenderness there as well. My next question is what is the best mobilization for the front of my hip/groin area because i saw that is the best spot to mobilize in order to reach the short adductors. Only other thing I’ve noticed is when i stretch them, either using the frog pose, or a exaggerated kneeling position i have a good amount of pain in them that feels different then when i stretch any other area. Just curious what that could mean. Thank you for your time and help 🙂

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