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      AvatarDaniel Lugn

      Hey everyone,

      I have been trying to resolve a couple issues with my right arm that likely stems from a career in mousing without much success. There are two issues that are limiting my mobility, though it remains pain free.

      Issue 1) My shoulder is forward, like freaky forward when compared to my left, This is especially noticeable when I do the internal rotation mob (the Bilateral Internal Rotation mob outlined in the book for example on page 267/268). With my left I am able to touch the floor with the back of my shoulder, but the right remains a good 2″ off the ground. I also noticed that the should cap mob feels utterly ineffective on my right arm, even with 3-4 minute sessions. I have been toying around with variations of these mobs to try to gain some ground on this issue without any success.
      To note I can bring the shoulder to the ground, just not when internally rotating it. As soon as I start coming up it rolls forward.

      Issue 2) If I extend my arms in front of me, then externally rotate my shoulders so that the entire arm complex is facing the ceiling, then begin to pronate my forearm as to bring the palm of my hand to facing the floor it locks out at 90 degrees (thumb facing the ceiling). The left hand rotates 180 no problem. If I force it around by cranking it with my other hand it goes over without pain, but this does give lasting change. There really isnt anything in the book that addresses this directly and I am a bit stumped on exactly where its getting blocked.

      This entire arm seems hypomobile from a life time of mousing and it seems to be resisting change, even after a few months of pretty consistent mobility work.

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      AvatarCynthia Terrell

      Have you focused on posterior capsule mobs specifically? Also try scrubbing the pec out especially get in deep into the pec minor. Short pec minor will hold the shoulder forward and limit internal and external rotation. You may also try getting some kind of ball back on the external rotators to free them up.

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      AvatarDaniel Lugn


      Thanks for the reply. Did not think about the pec minor holding it forward, but it makes sense. I tacked that area down last night and found it surprisingly tender. It did make the shoulder feel more mobile however so I think you hit the nail on the head.
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      AvatarMichael Harker

      In addition to whatever correctives you do, consider learning to mouse with your other hand. I got over carpal tunnel syndrome that way.

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