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      Biggest improvements in my squat come from hamstring daily rx’s.  It seems like my hamstrings are stiff.  

      So what movement practice do I have to make my hamstrings so stiff?
      How can I work on my hamstrings at work without a band around or any other tools.  
      Monkey bars of death are not really an option either.
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      AvatarChad Thorpe
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Daniel,

      Why can’t you take a lacrosse ball to work?
      If you seriously can’t, then you might just need to get creative. My roommate likes to do the monkey bars of death with his leg slung over the back of a dining chair here at home, for example.
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      I have most of the tools and I can use them at work, but not all the time so I was just wondering if there is a non tool approach I can utilize.

      Also conversation wise I am interested to know why my hamstrings don’t ever “feel” stiff.  For instance, I know when my quads are stiff or low back…but not my hammies. 
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Judging from some of your post history (well, the ones I commented on before anyway), I would guess it’s because you’re much more in-tune with your quads and low back than you are your hamstrings. It’s really a symptom of being human in the end. We live on the front of our bodies, and the back side sometimes gets forgotten a little bit.

      I used to think my hamstrings were awesome. I’ve always had pretty good mobility back there from my martial arts background, but after getting into the soft-tissue side of mobility it became really clear how messed-up, stiff, and sensitive they actually are.
      Just giving them more focus in training and recovery has reconnected me mentally to my hamstrings. Even getting a lacrosse ball in there will help you build more proprioception and learn to feel them.
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      When I do banded distractions with my hamstrings my brain changes.  I go from knowing Its going to suck to squat to It is going to be pretty easy to the point where I am like “wow I can’t believe how easy this is”.   

      I just hope that after a while of being in contact with them they stay normal.
      This is what has been most effective (I do these pre work out)

      So my excercise is to Squat and glute ham raise 

      and to cool down I am just going to take a super nova and smash and or monkey bars of death.

      Right now I can not sit up right for Glute ham raise.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Some RDL’s might go a long way too.

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      Yeah I can add those as well.  What about sumo dead lifts?

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      Ok when doing push outs with a band I feel most stiffness/burning muscle in my lower quad and lower hamstring.  

      Would flexion gapping with a peanut be helpful as a comobility exercise?  Because I don’t really understand that mob.
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