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      AvatarŠtěpán Böhm


      Just got my pro access yesterday and I love the content available.
      I’m very interested in what Kelly has to say about the Gymnastic Bodies system, with all of their weighted stretching and exercises like Jefferson curls.
      If the answer to that is already in one of those discussions i would be happy to be directed there.
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      AvatarŠtěpán Böhm

      would be great getting some feedback about the subject

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      AvatarSteph Song

      Hey there, I just saw signed up for the website forum ,but I havent used it yet. Have you bought any of there products yet ?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Which gear items do you have questions about?

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      AvatarŠtěpán Böhm

      would like to know your opinion of exercises like jefferson curls and other loaded stretches

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