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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Hey guys,

      My problem is one I can’t find the solution for, even after scrolling the topics and trying all the different things.
      The problem:
      Plantar flexion
      When I sit, butt to heels, ankle in plantar flexion. at near end-range the area around the upper left/side gastroc seems to hurt. Only on my left leg.
      This I also full when I go in the deep squat sit.
      I’ve tried smashing the IT band, voodoo flossing around the knee and gastroc, smashing the calves and ant. tib. etc. Soem thins do alleviate the problem, but it won’t leave
      Now I can do a pistol, so I am guessting my ankles are not the problem.
      If anyone has any advice at all, please share.
      Thanks you
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      For the things that alleviate the problem did you continue doing them?
      Lasting change can take time when its not a new situation and the muscles/tissues are in new positions/positioning. They need reminders about the changed positioning. Just as with breaking any habit or making changes in technique reminders are important especially in the beginning.
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      Has anyone look at your technique?
      It may be a technique or load ordering deviation where this problem originates.

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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Thanks for the reply!

      I still do them indeed.
      Actually I have always been able to do this, years and years, so I know its not a technique thing. It is not a new position for my body. Thats why it is hard for me to really pinpoint the problem. Frustrating.
      Exactly that position in the video 3:48 is where I really feel pain.
      I’m doing my mobility stuff religiously everyday when I can, etc.
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      I’d take a look at technique even if it is something you have been doing for years.
      Your body is able to buffer some deviations in technique until its not able to. No warning nothing.
      All of a sudden you can’t perform the skill any more or there is pain etc. something letting you know something isn’t right.
      Have you look up/down stream of where you are experiencing this to find the root cause?
      Where you see the problem isn’t always where it originates.
      If you are working on things and not seeing change you aren’t getting at the cause of the issue.
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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Alright I will have someone check it again, just in case

      Yes I know, that is why I reach out to this awesome community
      Yes I also have done that :(, I thought the IT band would be a big help, but unfortunately not.
      From the glutes to my feet, I have checked it out, but nothing worked. And as I said I makes sure I go through my body at least once a week. Covering every part.
      Like I know my body is messed up ( Training for 10 years now 5-7 days a week, switched it up to 5 or 6 now) So sliding surfaces and all the good stuff are NOT properly working.
      Which part do you think I should smash or distract or what have ya. Maybe I overlooked something or so?
      Looking at the video now, and see what I can do.
      Thanks again Kaitlin, you’re the best!
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      AvatarNicholas Walker


      Kelly talks about a ‘klonk’ or something like that sometimes. Its like a bundle where you snap over.
      I have found this klonk almost at the place where it hurts. Should I smash this? Will smashing that area help get rid of the klonk or do I need to take other measures?
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      You can smash it.
      When you are working on it want to make sure your leg and foot are relaxed so it can absorb the work you are doing. If using a ball I’d recommend using something other than a lacrosse ball. A lacrosse ball can be too hard and the muscle/tissues aren’t able to relax. Yoga Tune Up therapy plus work great. https://yogatuneup.isrefer.com/go/ball-plus-set/ResiliencyProject/

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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Awesome, thank you, I’ll try it after my workout tomorrow.

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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      YGTU is out of stock in the UK, unfortunately ( that’s the only location where they sell them in Europe). So I’ll try to find something else to use.

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      They were out of stock for some time, and they received more just before the holiday.
      If the location had an order placed hopefully they will be receiving more soon.
      Look forward to hearing an update on how things are going.

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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Its goign better, though not gone yet. Very sporadic.. The couch stretch seems to help and attack the calf area itself, I’m treating it everyday about  minutes and then some calf stretching whenever I can 

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      Good to hear things are improving.
      email me and I will send you some ways to hit the calf with using a ball.
      With pictures so you can see it. [email protected]

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