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      AvatarWacey Connor
      I am having trouble finding bands that Kelly uses for groin stretching. I am looking for two types of bands, specifically for mobility work. The bands I am looking for are featured in these two videos.  
      Green Band at around 0:07, I am looking for a band that will allow me to do a groin flexion. It has to be that exact size. 

      Red Band at around 1:33. I am trying to find a band of that same size to do a Sumo stretch in the video.

      Thank you for your help
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Kelly is using Rogue Monster Bands
      Green band is #3
      Thin Red band is #1

      Also good to have on hand:
      Blue #2 for upper body
      Black #4 banded hip

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      AvatarWacey Connor

      THANK YOU KAITLIN you are the best 🙂

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