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      AvatarMichael Silvoy

      I have localized pain at the top outside of my left femur. Forgive my crummy and/or incorrect terminology, but i believe the pain is at the top of my IT band and/or the outside of my greater trochanter (I think thats also where some of the glutes attach to the femur).

      This is my third bought of pain in the same spot. This time it came on suddenly after catching a 90% of max snatch. Last time was from heavy for me squatting, dont remember the first one.

      So my questions are:
      -what is likely the affected tissue?
      -what should I mobilize up and downstream?
      -if this is common; are there any common squat technique errors that cause this?
      -any answers to questions i didn’t even think about asking?

      Here is a photo of where it hurts. Not saying I have or do not have bursitis, just the best pic i found.

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      AvatarMichael Silvoy

      Someone pointed out to my that my left knee dives in as I pass through the power position of my cleans. I definitely noticed pain after gamse open wod 14.4 (135 pound cleans while fatigued). I can reproduce the pain mentioned in my initial post by lifting my knee to my chest and internally rotating my leg. Anyways, im guessing there is a correlation here with the internal rotation and the pain. I’ll dig around in the archives to see what i should be focusing on to resolve the problem. I think it is more than just proprioception (sp?), any suggestions in the mean time other than just “don’t do it?”


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      Avatar[email protected]

      Did you ever get relief? I have exactly the same issue. 

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Dan,

      Has the pain been lingering long after the episode? The typical mwod prescription would be to mobilize the soft tissues above and below the site of pain (to feed some slack into the system and offer the affect tissues relief), but that may not be enough to actually resolve a significant issue in a reasonable timeframe. It would probably be worth visiting a reliable physician and/or therapist for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
      That said, prevention of further episodes will depend on you identifying the cause of the issue (movement errors, overtension issues, etc) and resolving those concurrently while receiving treatment. A good therapist and strength coach could definitely help you dig up some clues.
      Good luck!
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      AvatarMichael Silvoy

      Hey Christopher, I have managed to greatly reduce the pain and it has only flared up a couple of times since my post. The classic old story of “oh yeah i do tonnes of mobility work” is nothing until you actually hammer away at something every single day! I made my own massage stick (pvc couplings over pvc with bike handles) and spent 10 minutes a day on self massage all over my upper leg and glutes. so i guess thats quad, hamstrings, itband, and everything else that’s around there. Someone watching me do high rep cleans also noticed my leg dives in while lifting the bar through the power position. Im guessing thats related. I’ve been conscious of keeping that leg out, and have started working on external hip rotation before lifting and once im warm (bar on knees holding legs out while in deep squat, deep lunges).

      iron_tiger thanks for the reply. You are right, freeing up surrounding tissues seems to have helped a lot. I think the movement error was letting my leg dive in as mentioned. I went to a massage therapist who worked around the area one day it was hurting and i dont think it was just in my head that it felt better that night.

      So I think the conclusion here for someone having a similar issue is less than 10 minutes of targeted work every day is not enougth, and video tape yourself or have a superfriend watch for movement faults.

      Thanks guys


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      Avatar[email protected]

      I am glad you are doing better. Thanks so much for the response!

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