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      Hi all,

      So I have been faced with an interesting dilemma. My mother has recently had a surgery to fix uterine prolapse. Her surgeon told her that the worst thing ever that a woman could do is a squats and God forbid ones with weights. This applied not to just women who had children, were after menopause etc. Basically she said this will affect any female involved in the aformentioned activities and once she hits certain age she will be on the operating table. So obviously after such radical statement and the implications it could have (no more CrossFit???) I spent some hours to see what the google almighty has to say (yes yes google doesn’t have a medical degree). So I have came up with two very polar opinions:
      1. do not squat, lift heavy (what heavy is exactly I wonder), run, jump etc etc etc basically do your kegels and hope for the best
      2. squat as the glute muscles will keep it all tight (pretty much only one article on that). 
      here is my question. what is right and what is wrong? has anyone come up with this before? I know it’s more internal muscles, however it all related to pretty much most of the stuff done in crossfit. 
      Thank you for your answers!!
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