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      AvatarKali Kitaif

        Long time listener, first time caller.

        I am looking for past wisdom on glute strains.  Currently, I am getting ice picked in the left cheek where the leg goes into the hip.  Pain gets sharper when going into a good morning position.  It is not debilitating, but it is very irritating.  Is there a particular episode that covers this type of issue, should I grab the handy lacrosse ball and sit on it, or…?  Any ideas.  I have a PT test in 3 weeks and would like to be somewhat functional…if possible.


        If this was covered already in this forum, my apologies for my laziness. Thanks.

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          What are you doing to address this?
          Have you looked downstream at the hamstring?
          Glute/hamstring relationship
          Episode 122: Better Muscle Upping
          Episode 28: Better Rowing: High Hamstrings Part 1

          Episode 28: Better Rowing: High Hamstrings Part 2

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          AvatarKali Kitaif

            Just got back from sports medicine for that “glute strain”.  Signs point to sciatica.  MRI scheduled.  Awesome.

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              How have you been addressing the glute strain?
              Have you seen any improvements in the situation?
              Is your Piriformis tight?
              This can irritate the sciatic nerve.
              Pro Episode # 45 – Pro user Request Friday: The Dread Piriformis Syndrome (Like the Dread Pirate Roberts…but Different)

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              AvatarKali Kitaif

                I have been doing the daily RX with yoga.  The situation is specific to running an bending over.  When I run, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the left glute (high and to the outside).  After a while, I can feel pain on the inside of the thigh (more toward the quads).  Then my left glute gets exhausted; followed by dull pain in my knee.  Bending over, it feels like my left hamstring is forever tight.  

                The pro episode seems relevant.  They took x-rays of my hip and spine.  MD said my hip is kosher, but that I have potentially problematic spacing between two of the lower spinal chunks (5 and ?).  
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                  Are you warming up enough before running?
                  Are you in an organized position when running?
                  Have you had anyone look at your running technique?
                  It sounds like it could be a running technique error.

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                  AvatarKali Kitaif
                    I do warm up; but, probably not enough.

                    The sports medicine people are going to do a running analysis as well – to see if it is not one, the other, or some combination of both nerve and technique error.

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                    AvatarKali Kitaif

                      Well, the MRI states the following:

                      L3-4: There is a shallow broad-based disc bulge at this level. This does not cause central canal stenosis. The neural foramen are patent.

                      L4-5: There is a broad-based central disc protrusion at this level. This does not cause central canal stenosis. However, this disc obliterates the lateral recesses bilaterally, contacting and possibly impinging upon the traversing S1 nerve roots 
                      bilaterally. The neural foramina are patent.

                      Next, I will have a running analysis done and see what the sport medicine doc has me do to un-protrude them.
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                      AvatarNathan Richer

                        i think you should definitely look at your posture both when do and dont run. as kaitlin says if youre not well organized when you run you’re stressing the discs which can lead to your diagnosis.

                        usually it takes some time to heal – my similar disc problem took 9 months – and fixing posture will help prevent it from coming back….everything else derives from that.
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                        AvatarKali Kitaif

                          Thanks Guys.

                          Just got a shot in my S1 (left area) to mitigate the referred pain.  Will be working on the mechanics now.  
                          Found out I am missing a vertebrae in my lumbar area (I have 4 instead of the usual 5; congenital) – so the organizing part will have to be comprehensive as I have built in instability.
                          Any recommendations of what I should read or a type of person I should see to get the proper organization?  
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