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      AvatarGio Fitzgerald

      I’ve had some instability in my right hip for quite a while which shows itself with some loud popping and grinding in the joint. This occurs after I bring my right leg into deep flexion and then, as I lower it back to full extension, I get this popping.
      My physio says I’ve got quite a lot of muscle wastage on my right glute med, but that she suspects it is neurological rather than how I’m moving and exercising throuhout the day.
      Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good exercises to strengthen it? Other than clamming and lateral raises etc.


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      Avatar[email protected]

      Not an expert, but after reading Kefu’s thread —  X band walks?

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      AvatarMax Sandlin

      Simple single leg Toe Touch to start. My PT, during ACL rehab, had me pick up 30-40 marbles at a time. I found that huge and I would do that daily. That evolved into Single Leg Deadlifts, but i still do the high rep/volume marble pickups for the whole hip down stability. The other two i like to use a thera-band just above the knees and do side-walks and air squats. Make sure when doing the sidewalks your in an athletic stance, like a goalie in soccer.

      Those are my 3 big ones for developing good strong glute-med’s for my clientele, not to mention when worked properly, helps with mechanics too.

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      AvatarGio Fitzgerald

      Thanks guys. I have been doing some single leg KB deadlifts but wasn’t sure if this was necessarily the right thing to do. Good to know it is. I do some banded waking with mini bands around knees and ankles before squatting to fire up the glutes a bit, so maybe I’ll dedicate a bit more time to them as an exercise.

      Thanks again

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      1. X-band walks

      2. Single leg squats
      3. Squats (with resistance band around knees pulling knees in, use glute medius to push knees out)
      4. Side lying plank clamshell hybrid
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Single leg deadlifts CAN be a good choice to help with this, but their effectiveness in actually getting your glute medius to do its thing and pattern that into your movement is going to be dependent on you making sure the stance limb is stable and not collapsing inwards. If I perform a single leg deadlift and my foot collapses and my knee drifts inward, I miss my chance to pattern that hip stability (the glute med stuff) into the movement.

      The movement cues related to lower body ER torque (“screw your feet into the floor”, “knees out”) are going to be important points of focus. Using a looped piece of theraband or a light resistance band above the knees during air squats can give you a bit of extra tactile cuing for shoving the knees out, but just going through the motions won’t be enough. You need to approach those air squats with the same intent you would apply to a big PR attempt and WORK against that band. Try a set with the band, a set without the band. Go back and forth for a bit, working to apply what you learned in the banded sets to the naked sets.

      This muscle is basically missing it’s cue to fire in sequence when you’re moving, and it will probably take some consistent attention and a step back to some really basic movements to deal with it.

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