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      AvatarItamar Benezry

      Hi TRS, how is going?

      i am 24 years old, and feel like 80.

      i am suffering a general stiffness and lack of motion on every archetypes.

      i am very active on the workouts, mostly body weight like pull ups, push ups, gymn’ rings.

      i don’t have any pain in general, just want to make my body more fluid and to be able to achieve new range of motions.

      so, i am looking for a routine that “attack” the whole body, or maybe a method how to address the whole body archetypes on the week. sadly i don’t have any equipment like bands, rollers, or balls and cuz the covid-19 issue i will not be able to get any soon. so i must have a equip free drills.

      hope for your answers,

      nice day !

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      One option for gear free mobilizations are the 7 that are emailed when you join TRS.
      They are also located on the TRS App in the bonus content.
      The app is free use your log in for the site to log into the app.

      If you search the archive you may find more gear free mobilizations.
      A baseball or softball could be used in place of a lacrosse ball.
      A kids playground ball can be used for ab/core doses.
      If you have an old bike tire that can be used as a band.

      A second solid option is the Functional Yoga For Athletics Course
      This is an excellent course the majority if not all requires no equipment.

      From the Blog Kelly has listed a couple routines.
      My 10 Minute Morning Mobility Routine
      There is a Breathing Practice Spin Up & Lower Body Spin Up

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