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            I have been using this site for a week now and I have been doing 30min-50min mobility work every day. When I started I had serious pain and numbness in both my knees. I work everyday on my hips and ankles, and there is a noticeable increase in ROM in my hips and a slight increase in my ankles. The pain is almost gone but I still got around 50% numbness. The numbness is around 70% (compared to before) just after the mobility workout, and then it decreases to around 30% until the next workout the day after. I have stopped my leg work outs except for low weight deadlifts for reps that I use to learn to activate my glutes better. Is it ok to have numbness after a long mobility session, or am i setting my self for injury? 
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          Numbness is not ok ever.
          If it feels sketchy it is sketchy.
          Great to hear about the changes in your hips and ankles.

          When did the numbness start?
          Is it only happening from working on mobility?

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          AvatarRod McKey

            I had numbness and pain before I started the mobility work, and now I have numbness (to a small extent). However I get more numbness during and after mobility work, which then subsides after some hours. I usually start feeling it when I am doing hip opening work, where one is trying to outwardly rotate his hip, like this: . Having said that, I can also get numb when I stand up still for more than 30 mins.

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              A situation to see a doctor to see what is happening with a nerve getting pinched.
              Numbness is usually caused by damage, irritation or compression of several nerves or a single branch of a nerve. Many times in the periphery of your body. 

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