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      lately I’ve been feeling a bit junky in the left shoulder it started out feeling like an impingement and while continuing to train on it it didn’t seem to go away I was taking extra care to warm up properly with crossover symmetry and basic stretches then id get smashing the soft tissue later in the day:

      – lats
      – serratus
      – subscap
      – first rib 
      – t-spine with gemini
      – pecs
      ~ did both soft tissue and stretches for the big muscle groups and mainly soft tissue for the smaller
      It’s been about a month and I’ve been doing some research into the type of pain and its whereabouts, also the movements that cause it to flare up.
      – toes to bar (in the extension part of the movement)
      – Kipping movements (also in extension parts of the movements)
      with the kipping movements I have a tendency to be lazy with my shoulders and sink and lose tension.
      The pain now radiates more towards something going on in the front of my shoulder at the biceps tendon origin. 
      overall the pain is tolerable and isn’t keeping me from doing these exercises but at rest bicep feels hot and tendon feels like it catches and is rubbing over something. bicep also clicks over when I flex it (like a curl movement but not painful).
      my conclusion is that my posture is shit, shutting down the subacromial space making the area and my biceps tendon inflamed, could be Upper Cross syndrome or Painful Arc Syndrome or just flat out overuse.
      any thoughts?
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      Taking time to improve your posture is a place to start.

      Sounds like a situation you’ll want to get checked out.
      There are a few things going on.

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      went to see a physio, said that I’ve got an inflammed subacromial bursa. possible bruising on the bursa.

      she said to be careful of movements that aggravate it, so that’s T2B and kipping/butterfly movements.
      and to mobilise:
      ~ upper traps
      ~ pectorals
      ~ lats
      ~ internal rotators.
      any further suggestions on strengthening, mobility would be greatly appreciated. thanks! 
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      been a week since physio.

      irritation still there but seems to have calmed down somewhat.
      tried butterfly pull-ups for the first time since physio last week and during they felt good however tonight it feels a bit hot. 
      I have physio tomorrow so will post again to see what the verdict is. 
      anymore suggestions I’m open to thanks! 
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