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      AvatarJonathan Sangers

      Hi guys,

      New in the forum and writing from
      Spain (apologies for my English).


      Love to see all the help and knowledge in the
      site!! Thanks to everyone.


      I am 35, 178 cms tall and 70 kilograms. I am in
      a decent good shape and love Crossfit (which I have been doing for almost a

      I used to be very competitive at canoeing.
      Practised it from 10 to 18 years old and won several championships. Calm waters
      and K1 mainly.

      I have red, Supple leopard and deskbound so I
      have some idea about mobilisation technics.

      I also follow mobility WOD recovery. I do +30
      minutes of mobilisation at least 4 days a week (some weeks even 6 days).


      OK, enough background. Let’s get to it:


      Mi front rack sucks. To a limit I cannot tell
      you… But please figure: due to its limitation, I almost can snatch what I can
      . I can
      not lift my elbow any close to parallel and cannot separate my hand to catch
      the bar from farther than my shoulders. In fact, I cannot make the bar rest in
      my shoulders so I have to basically hang de bar…

      If I have to do heavy front squat, I do a
      variation of zombie with my arms crossed. Real problems are cleans, thursters,
      clusters… You name it.


      Main problems/limitations:


      • I
        have very tight (and big) lats (canoeing to be blame I assume)
      • Also
        very tight rhomboid, serratus and supraspinatus (hard to say which one is
      • Limited
        external rotation shoulder (I suffer to do floor slides and have to use
        some weight to bring my hands to touch the floor).


      As I have said, I am 100% committed to improve
      it and I am doing a lot of mobility at home prior to go to bed.


      I am doing basically all exercises listed in
      page 454 of becoming a supple leopard for addressing front rack issues and some


      Have to say that I am not seeing much progress even
      if 2/3 months have elapsed…


      And my questions are:


      1. Can
        it be generally solved? I know without seeing me it difficult to say. My
        doctor said nothing was wrong but I do not set progress.


      1. From
        a severe case like me, how long should I expect to wait until some
        improvements are reached?? I am committed but just would like to know if
        we are talking about 6 months or 3 years…


      Thank you very much in advance for your help
      and comments. Much appreciated.

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