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      I’m a 52 years old man,
      in moderate condition and generally healthy.  I
      follow a paleo style of eating.  I just
      got back into working out a few months ago after a very long hiatus due to work and a back injury. 
      I purchased the book Supple Leopard a couple weeks ago and subscribed to the website yesterday.  I watched
      a bunch of videos and did a lot of smash work on my trunk, hips and shoulders.  Great stuff. 
      However, today, I’m much more sore than I expected to be.  Feels like I was in a car wreck.  I have a lot of range of motion
      restrictions just about everywhere.  I realize it will
      take months to develop decent range of motion. 
      My questions are:

      1)  How often should I do smash or floss work on
      a specific area?

      2)  Does the frequency vary much between body
      parts, say the calf vs. obliques?

      3)  Should I expect to be this sore every time I
      smash an area?  In particular, my trunk
      is really sore.

      4)  How long should I lay off exercise

      Thanks for your help!

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      You were sore/felt worse probably because you hit so many areas at once.
      Did you drink water after completing your mobility work?
      Stuff could’ve been released from your muscle/tissue which needs to get moved out. Some of this stuff is toxic to the person.
      As you are addressing issues you need to respect the added range.
      You may just be more aware of where your restrictions are now.
      There are no days off with mobility. You may not be addressing the same areas/ aspect each day.
      So on the frequency will be where that tissue area is for you.
      No, you may feel more because you may be using new muscles to complete some tasks.
      It like starting anything its tough at first and becomes just what you do.

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