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      AvatarRob Ali

      I have a fractured 2nd metatarsal. I found out about it in October, was in a boot for 2 months with no working out, and it’s still fractured.  I may have spent too much time still walking around on it as I am a pretty active person.  Both fractures were determined from CT scans.  Does anyone have any advice or knowledge on what I can be doing during the mean time for exercise?  I plan on being in a boot for another 6 weeks at least. Do I need to stay in the boot while I’m exercising, what exercises can I do, etc.?  Thanks!

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      Why isn’t it healing?
      How have you been treating it?
      Did the bones move when this happened?
      Did you have a period of  nonweight-bearing with a gradual transition to full weight bearing?
      You need to listen to the parameters you were given about what you are/are not able to do.
      What did they say about working out? restrictions?
      Some of what you are able to do will depend on the location of the fracture& type of fracture.
      Is there something more going on where it isn’t healed 2+months later?
      An MWod Model for Post Surgery/Post Injury Rehab
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      AvatarRob Ali

      To be honest, it wasn’t healing good because I didn’t do a good job of staying off my feet.  Even though I was in the boot, I still walked around fine.  I don’t have any pain bc of the fracture, so I walked around often like it was normal.  I just didn’t do any running or working out for 2 months.  

      Nothing was said about bones moving.  I did not have a period of non-weight bearing.  They’re gonna end up casting me now bc they want me to be non-weight bearing for 3-4 weeks.  

      No excuse, but they didn’t really warn me not to walk around and all.  They just mentioned no running or jumping.  

      And I’m not sure of what else is going on.  I would hope they reviewed the CT scans thoroughly to verify. 

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      Yes, it needs time without weight on it to begin healing which is something they may not have been clear about.
      This is probably a reason why it has not healed yet. It needs some time without stress so it can repair.
      The time in the cast will keep things from moving so it can heal.
      There may not be anything else going on. Wasn’t sure where it was 2 months without being healed, but the above was an impacting factor.

      You can workout using your healthy limbs for the time being.
      Pick an aspect of upper body strength to work on. Floor press, seated press etc.
      You can do skill work learn a new skill, improve a skill, or address a weakness in performance.
      Gymnastics skills such as ring dips, L sit/L hold, skin the cat are some options.
      If you have access to a hand bike as an option for a cardio work out or swimming with 1 foot push offs.

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