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      AvatarMichael Langanke

      Short Version:

      I have been unable to find much information on treating forearm splints and am in pain despite trying many different things. Please help.

      Long Version:
      I have been suffering from them for almost a year now and no matter how long I rest, they come back immediately upon beginning my handstand training. I have spent hours doing FRC type flexibility work, follow an anti-inflammatory diet (while supplementing DHA, Glycine, & Turmeric) and still this pain persists. 

      Shin splint type feeling in upper outside of forearm (ulnar side) 
      Very painful to touch
      Electrical/nerve type pain in bottom position of OHP
      Pain in forearm at top of pull-up
      Pain is worst when releasing out of handstand/planche training
      What I have tried:
      Banded distraction through wrist stretches
      Self-massaging area
      Diet changes
      Heat+Ice+Anti-Inflammatories+ Compression bands
      Various exercises
      Next steps:
      See advice/things you guys have for me to try
      See a graston technique practitioner (heard it is better than ART for this type of stuff) in another week or so if nothing changes based on your advice
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      They keep returning because you are address a symptom instead of the root cause of the issue.
      Identifying where it originates allows you to resolve the cause.
      Working up/down stream of the forearm?

      Have you used a voodoo band on the forearm?
      Do you have access to a Marc Pro unit?
      Flushing the forearms will help. I can send you a 4 pad on one forearm placement. Send me a message with your email.

      Seeing an IASTM practitioner will help.
      I have experience with HawkGrips.
      HawkGrips are used to address soft tissue irregularities to improve range of motion
      and /or relieve pain. They can be used to break up scar tissue. The
      different size and variety of edges allow for precise treatment,
      immediate response, and quicker recovery. Can address muscle soreness & tightness
      Re establishing sliding surfaces in the forearm and surrounding areas will be key.

      Have you seen this episode?
      Episode 291: Elbow Pain and Grody-Tacked Down Forearms

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
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