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      Short Version:

      I have been unable to find much information on treating forearm splints and am in pain despite trying many different things. Please help.

      Long Version:
      I have been suffering from them for almost a year now and no matter how long I rest, they come back immediately upon beginning my handstand training. I have spent hours doing FRC type flexibility work, follow an anti-inflammatory diet (while supplementing DHA, Glycine, & Turmeric) and still this pain persists. 

      Shin splint type feeling in upper outside of forearm (ulnar side) 
      Very painful to touch
      Electrical/nerve type pain in bottom position of OHP
      Pain in forearm at top of pull-up
      Pain is worst when releasing out of handstand/planche training
      What I have tried:
      Banded distraction through wrist stretches
      Self-massaging area
      Diet changes
      Heat+Ice+Anti-Inflammatories+ Compression bands
      Various exercises
      Next steps:
      See advice/things you guys have for me to try
      See a graston technique practitioner (heard it is better than ART for this type of stuff) in another week or so if nothing changes based on your advice
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