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      Hi everyone,


      I have been experiencing forearm pain when I grip anything mainly the barbell.  I took off 3 weeks from any gripping about rolled out my lats and forearm.  I came back today and after the third or fourth snatch the pain slow came back.  I stopped and rolled my lats and forearm again and continued on.  When I was in the process of doing rack jerks it came back again so I just called it quits.  Any idea up stream of what could be causing this?




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      Hi Kaitlin,

      Yea I have attacked the neck and elbow.  I do hook grip every time and the pain is only when I get the bar overhead.  Example is snatch balance causes the most pain and gets worse when the weight load increases.  Also the pain worsen’s when I release the bar.  I had acupuncture on Saturday and it helped a little bit but when I snatch 95 today I felt it right away and it was worse then ever before.
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      Have you seen any improvement when working on the neck and elbow?
      Start with these overhead mwods
      T-Spine Overhead Barbell Smash
      Overhead Rib Mobilization
      Overhead Lateral Seam
      Acupuncture help some because it addressed the symptoms of the pain.
      You need to identify the cause of the pain to reduce the issue

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      Hi Kaitlin,

      So I have been working on this fr a few months now.  I stopped lifting heavy overhead which seems to trigger it.  It got a lot better and I was increasing weight again in the snatch this week.  I went for a few heavy sets and it came back.  Pain when locking out the snatch overhead and gets worse when I release my grip to drop the bar.  Any more suggestions?  I have a PT friend coming over Tuesday to take a look but he seems baffled too.
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      Did you warm up enough?
      Did you spend time on anything specific to these ranges/joints?
      When you have an issue with something you may need to add some specific items to your warm up to address it so you are warmed up and ready to go.
      Depending on the weight and the number of reps you may have done too much all at once.
      Even if it was weights you have done in the past it doesn’t sound it is something you have been doing as of late.
      You need to build back into it. You may not be able buffer the same number of reps/weight as you could do in the past. So it comes down to quality over quantity of your reps.
      If you were injured you may not be buffer the same training volume yet or at all.
      Has anyone looked at your technique/mechanics?

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      I have a Oly coach I see.  He said my form is soild and my range of motion looks good.  I started in the middle of a cycle so I was used to the volume the first time and it only happens to my left forearm.  Its swollen today, I go see a Dr on Wednesdays.  I just wasnt if you have heard this before.

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      I have not heard of this before.
      Have you watched the Daily Rx from January 22nd
      You may need to retool your mechanics.
      Have you ruled out that something else is going on within your body?

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      AvatarJulie Dunkle

      Hey Corey, this happens to me too. My Physio seems to think it’s root cause could be my scalene and SCM causing internal rotation. I have a t spine and c spine fusion just in case you may have the same. It seems to get better the more mobile I get. Internal rotation can sometimes be hard to point out if you have shoulder impingements which restrict external rotation in the first place

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