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      HI Everyone, I have had this forearm pain issue for about over a year now.  It is right in the medial part of my forearm.  It hurts when griping the bar overhead mainly with moderate to heavy weight.  The snatch and jerk are the worst and the pain is mainly felt when I release my grip from the bar.  I also feel it when I shake someones had with a very firm grip.  I have had numerous tissue work done, rested for a few weeks, ice, heat, acupuncture, I use the arm aide and I have had x-rays done that revile nothing wrong.  I recently went to a orthopedic DR and I have a MRI scheduled for tomorrow, but just by looking he said he thinks because I have muscle hypertrophy in my forearm that it rubs the tendon the during those movements which irritates it.  He also suggest that better wrist wraps would help this, now I don’t agree with this.  I think there has to be something other than better wrist wraps to help with this.  Any ideas on this would be great appreciated. 

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      Where you circles is actually your lateral forearm and sounds like lateral epicondylitis. Try using some voodoo floss band on it two or three time per day and see if it helps out! Good luck.

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