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      AvatarThomas Michalski

         So before my problem, a little quick background:
       I have been doing martial arts for close to 5 years now, weightlifting for roughly the same, maybe only 4 years. My weightlifting however consisted of following bodybuilding-esk routines and I have recently discovered CrossFit and with it came my attention to Olympic Lifts and full body compound movements. I have only been doing exercises like these for not even 6 months.
       Anyway onto my problem. Every time I do Thrusters (for the “Omar” crossfit WoD), when I am in the Front Squat part of the thruster and descending, my forearm “clicks”. It feels as though my ligament/muscle is sliding. There is no pain other than the mental pain I associate with the gross feeling and sound. I only get this when I do Front Squats and Thrusters. I have not once experienced this in Jiu Jitsu or any other martial art. What is this that is happening? And how can I stop it? It freaks me out and I do not like it lol. Do I need to condition my forearms?

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      Have you asked a coach to look at your front rack position, front squat, and thruster technique?
      Is 95 too much weight for that number of reps?
      Does this happen in other skills with the front rack position?

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      AvatarThomas Michalski

      I admit I haven’t asked a coach as I normally do my workouts at home.
       Is this a common problem seen with weight overloading? I tried being conscious to keep a challenging weight while still being able to perform the exercise, but by the end I’m struggling with the last 3-5 reps.
       As far as I’m aware, I haven’t experienced this problem in any other exercises except the front squat and thruster and even at that it’s only on the descent into the squat

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      I have not heard of this before.
      It may be too much weight for your technique or the number of reps.
      Are you able to maintain a stable front rack position in motion?
      Are you missing any flexion& external rotation?

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      AvatarThomas Michalski

      I’m currently sick, but when I’m better I will try reducing the weight and trying again and will post what happens.
      As for the front rack position, I can maintain the position stably, and can do the exercise with exception of the forearm clicking. I pay conscious attention to my squat form, especially when it comes down to my knee and toe alignment.

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      Good to hear you are paying close attention to your squat form.
      If the weight is too high this could cause your elbows to drop some during the movement.
      This could be the point where the issue is occurring.
      Cleaning this up will help resolve the issue.
      If possible video yourself from the side so you can see exactly what is happening.
      This will help you to know what needs attention.

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