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      I’m looking for some info regarding which FMS DVD set to buy. This would be the scenario where the purchaser is an athlete with possible minor injuries – looking to rehab & prehab the injured site in addition to increasing performance overall.

      I’ve counted about 15 dvd sets on the FMS site. If I want to take the screening and identify issues I have and be able to apply the proper mobilizations and exercises to correct my deficiencies – which product should I buy?

      My concern comes after a friend lent me their Cook Kettlebell DVDs. In them there’s a TON of great material in regards to the deadlift and the squat and how to program those. But I didn’t see any material that highlighted when those are applicable based on screening results. They also don’t outline how many reps, weight, or how to tell when to change up the exercises and rescreen – and then the next subsequent set of exercises to continue progress.

      I assume that stuff is answered in other DVD’s, but with 15 out there, I’d like to know which before buying anything.

      My guess would be the Functional Movement Screen & Corrective Techniques with the posters – but could someone confirm if this is correct?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      there really isn’t a great DVD(s) because that materials is set in the Level 2 FMS certification.  I too looked for this and have pretty much all the DVDs but the only way you’ll learn *programming* correctives is to take the Level 2 certfication, or find someone who has….

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      I knew you’d come to the rescue! 😀

      Thanks for the info. That sounds unfortunate. All of that great material – and if you don’t get level 2 certified, then you just have to try and put the pieces together yourself?

      I wonder what the level 1 Certification does? I would think that’s at LEAST where the programming would taught.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      you could get the other correctives DVDs but you’d have to be a trained coach or PT or similar to employ them without level 2. 

      level 1 cert is just the test itself. level 2 introduces a whole correctives strategy from level 1, including suggested exercises for test results. you are right in that level 1 doesn’t teach any programming at all.
      there is a DVD called Functional Exercises You Should Know.  if you practice the Turkish Get Up a lot and perfectly, it will naturally fix a ton of things.  i believe the DL is the other exercise to practice.
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      Solid. Thanks David!

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      AvatarJustin Montgomery

      Would this book aid in programming corrective exercises?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Unfortunately Movement Book doesn’t have corrective exercises, nor the programming sequence from test results.

      Movement describes the philosophy and then describes the FMS and its clinical equivalent the SFMA. but that’s about it. it’s a great read though and highly recommended.
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      I’m so torn with these materials.

      I get that the information is great and that it would be a good read, but now that I know it won’t answer any questions and offer direct solutions to problems friends, family and myself may have – I just can’t justify purchasing it.

      I’ve already done some research on Gray Cook. Read lots of articles, watched his videos, etc. I have a good understanding of his philosophy, and I’m sold on that. Now I just need to know how to act and correct accordingly. If the things he’s selling won’t do that, then I’m not sure what value they are.

      At first I thought – Maybe they’re like buying lego’s. You can have instructions on how to put them together, or you can figure it out on your own. But the biggest difference to this analogy is that exercises and fitness can do more harm than good when not executed properly.

      In my mind, the best way to go about learning the information would be to get level 2 certified – since that’s the only way to learn the corrections. Level 1 costs $379 – I’m not sure about Level 2. David can you shed some light on how to get Level 2 certified and the costs associated with that?

      I wonder how many other people feel the same.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      re: FMS level 2 costs – check this page out for a schedule of upcoming Level 1 and 2 certifications in the US and international: It’s about $750 to take level 1 and 2 together in a 3 day cert.

      I think in the case of corrective exercises, the ones that are bodyweight have little danger to you if they are done with great form. there are some weight bearing ones which are a bit more dangerous but in theory if you have progressed to working with weight, you should have good movement patterns without weight.  the issue is more of getting to the root of the problem quickly versus doing too many exercises.  
      certain exercises have more of an effect on a result of the FMS than others. so you want to optimize your path back to healthy, effective movement patterns and not waste time doing things that you didn’t need to do.
      reading the materials and being familiar with them will make the cert more effective, if you are not encountering the material for the first time in the class. it can be overwhelming if you’re trying to process it first time live.
      i first took the FMS level 1 online cert. i read the books, watched the DVDs. then i decided to take level 1 again along with level 2 because the philosophy changes year over year, even though the test itself is relatively stable now.  hearing it live from an instructor versus reading it yourself is definitely different and worthwhile.
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      Yeah that just seems like a weird business model.

      Your philosophy is organic and all about helping people move better through the world – but you’re going to make them spend $750 plus the cost of travel and lodging and invest 3 days of their time in order to learn the most efficient way of correcting deficiencies.  Otherwise , people can still figure it out on their own in a less efficient manner if they pay you less money on other material you have for sale.

      I just feel that the philosophy of the “product” should be more inline with Louis C.K.’s business model – who made over a million dollars in 10 days.

      Another great video that illustrates this point on Ted/Talks (go to 9:22 for the punch line):

      I don’t think that this information should be given to everyone – I just think that it should be a lot easier to obtain the information given its intent in our world. Especially when he explains how to reach the goal so simplistically – which would allow SO MANY humans to live better lives.

      Cook has a very fine gift – it’s a shame to restrict its impact.

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      AvatarJason Urbanski

      The FMS organization is the best source for information. It’s well worth the cost in my opinion. It’s simple and effective, which is pretty much everything I would want.

      If you’re looking for a walk-through of the screen, I know the guys at Chicago Fitness Report are in process of putting something together (it’s free and they got permission from the FMS organization). This is the link to the intro article. I imagine that the other seven parts will soon follow:
      Definitely enough to get started, but still worth getting the comprehensive set of information from the official channel.
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      This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!  Really cool of them to do this. I’d easily contribute to a paypal account they set up where they would take in donations.

      To me, THIS is what could bring in large quantities of money by simply asking and allowing people to freely give what they can or how they value the material. Plus you cut out the middle men.

      What a beautiful gift to the world – A great methodology of how to identify and make corrections in order to get individuals back to moving naturally.

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