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      AvatarChris Janeway


      I have had back pain for months when both squatting and deadlifting – everytime i perform these moves I aggrevate the issue in my lower back. After some reading i have diagnosed myself with ‘FLEXION INTOLERANT’ back pain
      I have been performing cat camels and mckenzie press ups to help recovery.
      Is there any way I can gauge my recovery and also if there any any mobs which will help my issue please comment
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Are you seeing improvements with what you are doing?
      Do you sit alot?
      Or sit for long periods of time?
      Could be impacting factors.
      You could have damage or irritation to a disc.
      Have you had someone take a look at your squat and deadlift technique/mechanics?
      Correcting how you move where this is what is causing the pain is key.

      What is the issue in your low back?
      Have you watched episodes which address the low back?

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